Cleanseal manufactures doors for pharmaceutical, clean room, CGMP and life science applications.



Iso-Roll Pharmaceutical Door System
Product Spotlight:

Iso-Roll Fabric Roll Up Doors

New low profile, high traffic, pharma door.
  • Low profile side frames - only 3 1/8" wide.
  • Breakaway curtain with auto reset.
  • Wireless, soft bottom edge - optimal seal/security.
  • Simple manual release/emergency egress option.
  • Virtually stops air infiltration.
  • GMP, FDA and EMEA compliant.




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GMP, FDA and EMEA Compliant
Case Study:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Solves Contamination Problem

When contamination becomes a concern, facility owners must consider every aspect of that area, especially the door openings. Clean room doors are critical...

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